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Membership Information

Our Members

Members are truly the backbone of the Booneville Development Corporation / South Logan County Chamber of Commerce. Without our members, we could not do the events, projects and programs that we currently do.

Our members understand that they are a part of an organization that gives them an impact in the community that is much greater than they could have alone. In addition, our members understand that in order for them to succeed individually, we all must succeed collectively.

In order to help our members to succeed, we have launched special pages just for them. In the Members Only pages, our members will find special information, events and offers that are exclusive to just them. In part, this is a way for us to say "Thank You" for being part of our efforts.

This roll-out is part of a much larger project to streamline and modernize our membership database system. With this new system, we will be pro-rating new memberships to allow for an annual January 1 to January 1 membership cycle.

Our Prospective Members

We want to offer a chance for you to be a part of what we do as well. While our Membership is an exclusive group, you can be a part, too.

We have various levels of membership for individuals, retirees, non-profit organziations and businesses of all sizes. We also have levels of sustaining memberships for businesses and industries that want to be even more involved in what we do.

Becoming a part of our Membership is easy, just click Join Us and fill out the application. It's that easy! After a quick review, we will notify you as to the status of your membership.