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Doing Business in South Logan County!

Booneville's cost of doing business is considered to be one of the best in Arkansas, due to our resources and location. Some studies rank Arkansas as having the 9th best Cost of Doing Business and the 3rd lowest Cost of Living.

Roughly 30 percent of the US population is within one days transit of Booneville, Arkansas. Regardless of your business needs, with our low cost of doing business, you will find that Booneville has what you are looking for.



Robust and affordable infrastructure, including utilities and telecommunications, are key to supporting growth.

Booneville City Lake serves as the source for the Booneville Municipal water supply. This lake, completed in 1979, covers approximately 312 acres and has a daily firm yield of 2.1 million gallons.

The Booneville Municipal Sewer was completely upgraded in 2002. The new plant has an intermittent cycle extended aeration system, an sis designed for a daily capacity of 4 million gallons.


Source Booneville City Lake
Age 37 years
Size 312 acres
Treatment Type Sedimentation, Filtration and Disinfection
Daily Treatment Capacity 3 million gallons
Water Pressure At Main 45-90 lbs
Size of Mains 12-inch, 10-inch, 8-inch
Waste Water

Type Intermittent Cycle, Extended Aeration
Age 15 years
Daily Load Capacity 4 million gallons
Peak Load to Date 2 million gallons
New Intakes Analyzed and Approved by Engineers
Commercial and Industrial Rate 70% of Base Water Rate

American Electric Power/Southwest Electic Power Company (AEPS/SWEPCO) is the electric supplier for the commercial and industrial areas of Booneville.

Commercial and Industrial Electric Supply

Transmission Voltages 12,480V
City Primary Voltages 7,200V; 12,480V
City Service Voltages 120V; 240V; 480V; 7,200V
Rates Provided by AEPS/SWEPCO

The region around Logan County is rich in Natural Gas reserves, making this one of the least expensive regions in the country to purchase and use Natural Gas as an energy source.

Natural Gas

Provider Arkansas-Oklahoma Gas
Source Western Arkansas Fields
Heat Value 1000 BTU
Mains 4-inch MP / 4-inch HP
Pressure at Main 26 psi / 300 psi

Southern Logan County is served by two telecommunications providers: Centurylink and MagTel.

Centurylink's territory covers the western part of South Logan County, including the city of Booneville and the Booneville Industrial Parks.

MagTel's territory covers the eastern part of South Logan County, including the Cities of Magazine and Blue Mountain.